Our Policy

Sustainable Development Policy


  • Successful business depends on the sustainable development[*] of our businesses and the communities in which we operate;
  • We are proud to excel as responsible corporate citizens.

Our policy:

  •  Industry leadership: We will work with our stakeholders to promote sustainability in the industry in which we operate.
  •  In our operations: We will meet or exceed all legal requirements and:
    • Support Group continuous improvement journey to keep ourselves competitive as the foundation of our sustainable growth;
    • Operate in a manner which safeguards the health and safety of all our stakeholders;
    • Strive to be an employer of choice by providing an environment in which all employees are treated fairly and with respect and can realise their full potential, under a culture of “Always Striving for Excellence“;
    • Promote good relations with the communities of which we are a part;
    • Be a good steward of the natural resources and biodiversity under our influence and ensure that all potential adverse impacts of our operations on the environment are identified and appropriately addressed;
    • Be keen to work with customers, suppliers and contractors which promote sustainable development.

Making it happen:

  • All companies in which the Group have a controlling interest will have action plans for applying this policy in a way which is relevant to the operations in the market;
  • We will encourage other companies in which we have an interest as a shareholder or through our supply chain to implement similar policies;
  • We will encourage and empower our staff to be proactive on sustainability matters both at work and in the community;
  • All operating companies in the Group should monitor and report their performance regularly;
  • We will review this policy periodically.

[*] Sustainable Development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. –”Our Common Future”, 1987 – World Commission on Environment and Development

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