Retail and Solution Technology

  • Supply Chain Management Solution developed in 1993 with 20+ years of continued development and improvement working with leading global brands and retailers
  • Promoting Technology-enabled Supply Chain ® from “Concept to Cash” for brands and retailers
  • State-of-the-art modular Purchase Order (PO) Management Visibility Solution, LIMA, property of EV Cargo Technology, an associated company of the group, customisable to suit specific requirements of retailers and brands, integrating with their ERP
  • Upstream PLM Solution, Liberty, for visibility of buying, sourcing, QC, distribution, finance functions
  • Focusing on Stockflow Management, Flowman ®
  • Retail-centric, delivering Cost Efficiencies, Speed-to-Market and Scalability
  • Dedicated account management, serving each principal
  • Cross pollination of best-in-class supply chain practices
  • Emphasis for the future will be Predictive Analytics and Forecasting functions
  • Unique sourcing module, Liberty, excellent for interfacing with buying management

PLM and International Supply Chain Solutions
Liberty and LIMA

Cargo Services specialises in designing and delivering tailor-made Supply Chain Management solutions to brands and retailers based on our PO Management Visibility Solution, LIMA. LIMA provides flexibility of different supply chain track plans for different product categories or the same product category, enabling brands and retailers to track their supply chain track plans from the time of Order Placements to Shipment Samples and Bookings, ensuring the right goods, in the right quantity, arrive at the right place, at the right time.

The LIMA Solution, with the construction of different dashboards, enables each of the management functions of a retailing organisation, e.g., imports, shipping, global sourcing, buying, quality control, inventory management, cost control, finance, etc., to have access to the progress of each PO/SKU after it is placed with suppliers, through the processes of Order Confirmation, Sampling, Testing, Production Planning, Inspections till the goods are ready for shipments when the subsequent shipping and delivery events will take over in the visibility solution.

An effective international supply chain solution will enhance and promote direct sourcing of goods for retailers from Asia and other major centres of production of consumer products. Such direct purchases, at the expense of importers, help lift the margins of sales, and in turn the profitability of the retailers, or give them the basis for competitive retail prices at the marketplace.

Even with the best-in-class PO Management Visibility Solution in the industry, the desirable results for the proper management of each PO for the retailers can only be attained with a strong and well-run Global Account Management supporting it.

In Cargo Services, the Liberty and LIMA Solutions are developed over the years in tandem with the development of teams of Account Management executives, each responsible for the smooth implementation of the LIMA Solution, as well as Origin Logistics Services for each of the overseas Principals.

The Account Management executives are trained in accordance with very strict standard operating procedures and to imbue with the culture of Passion for Service to the overseas Principals of the Company. The overseas Principals would consider the dedicated Global Account Management of Cargo Services Group an extension in China and Asia of their own International Supply Chain Management function.

Concept to Cash

Between the Liberty PLM Solution and the LIMA Supply Chain Platform, total visibility of “Concept to Cash“ of orders can be achieved, comprising of different modules for brands and retailer to choose from to suit their specific requirements.


The Range Planning App on iPads and tablets facilitates buyers on the move to take photos of samples they come across for the preparation of ranges for the season. The App includes a Landed Cost Calculator for easy reference by buyers at time of negotiations of orders with suppliers.


An assortment of range design modules is available for use by the buyers. The Block Builder module presents clothing buyers with many design options, including access to the default block library. Related sketches and ideas can be attached, and technologists can define initial points of measure. The Buying Brief module facilitates the preparations of buying briefs of products/ranges for the sourcing function or offices to work with suppliers and the Tech Pack Management module provides access to related garment tech packs.


Apart from the Design modules, the Liberty PLM Solution facilitates an effective collaboration among the buying management, sourcing office, local suppliers and overseas suppliers for efficiencies in the Source and Order functions. Profiles of suppliers and factories can be obtained to ensure that ethical and technical audit capabilities can be met. The Supplier Set Up module can deliver proposed trading terms, prices and lead times for suppliers to accept and the module can receive counter-offers from suppliers.

Our Quote Management module guarantees accurate management of pricing. Suppliers and sourcing offices can easily input quotes online or by uploading an Excel spreadsheet, to which buyers can access. Other data such as factory and ethical audit compliance, technical capability, and overall performance are also available to the buyers from the module. Estimated Landed Cost of the ranges can be automatically generated for easy reference by buyers.

Ethical Trading is growing in importance in business. A proper Ethical Trading strategy is essential for the public image of Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) of any company. Brands and retailers have to carry out factory audits before new factories are taken on board. The Factory Audit module makes the factory audit process easy with all the requirements of the brands and retailers are complied with by the factories, with the module standing alone for the use of third-party inspectors, as well as the visibility anytime by any functions of the organisation.

There are two modules for Ethical Compliance audits, the Ethical Trade module will ensure that all factories have been audited according to the United Kingdom’s Ethical Trade Initiative standards and base codes. The Ethical Audit module caters to the unique requirements for individually tailored ethical sourcing.


After the products for the ranges are confirmed, remaining data and specifications can be shared with suppliers through the Vendor Portal of Liberty, which can also allow suppliers to seek for more data and additional information for the rangers from the buyers. Upon the agreement of all the specifications of the product, the SKUs will flow through to the Product Master section of Liberty, or to the ERP of the brand or retailer.

The PO can also be raised via the Purchase Order module which provides the ability to re-confirm quantities, cargo ready dates, and other data, before the order is sent to suppliers. Subsequent changes to the PO, e.g., changes to shipping dates, can be transmitted to suppliers via the same module. It provides real-time PO Management and automate manual tasks in the process.


LIMA Solution provides different functions of brands and retailers total visibility of the progress of a PO all the way to cargo readiness for shipments. Any milestones not conforming to the LIMA Track Plan can be addressed between the buyer and the supplier.

Other modules are available for the delivery of a more efficient supply chain function:

  • Packaging Confirmation– Prompting suppliers to confirm packing of products and enabling suppliers to make shipment bookings
  • Shipment Authorisation LIMA validates Booking Data from suppliers and confirms the Booking according to business rules set
  • Floman ® – Priortise POs for container-loading or for FCL shipments
  • Actual Landed Cost – Moving Estimated Landed Costs of SKUs with the progress of each milestone with cost implications until they arrive at the DC, including Import Duty, fluctuations in rates of exchange, overheads, advertising, etc.
  • Vendor Payment – Prompting suppliers to confirm packing of products and enabling suppliers to make shipment bookings


Modules and Apps are being developed to extend the LIMA Solution to the Point-of-Sale system of brands and retailers. Distributed Stock module can allow eFulfillments at stores to satisfy daily online orders. Replenishment module can allow replenishment ranges to be re-ordered in accordance with daily sales results of the stores.

The Flow Manager module optimizes the inventory flow of products against their demand forecasts. Not only does this module provides the quantities of a product or component which is required at a specified point in time, but it can allow users to configure it with their own business rules for effective stock management.

The Flow Manager module, being a collaborative platform, gives the ability to route inventory, from the point of production through to the final delivery, with key decisions to be made along the way, resulting in the despatch of notifications to third parties such as the logistics service providers.

Why implement EV Cargo systems?

  • Business Intelligence
  • Responsive Critical Path
  • Cloud-based connectivity
  • Raw Material Monitoring
  • Product Flow Management
  • Store Pick and Pack
  • Fabric Tracking
  • Vendor Portal to share sales, inventory and forecast designs
  • Ask ‘What if?’ to design alternatives and create multiple route-to-market
  • Alerts and warning messages are triggered at key stages of product life-cycle


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