Cargo Services Far East environment management policy is to promote sustainable economic development in all business units, whilst, endeavoring to:

  • Measure the impact of activities on the environment and improve the results in terms of their environment–friendliness
  • Lessen the consumption of natural resources by re-use, recycling or reduced use of materials, and using products that are recyclable or come from sustainable sources
  • Apply environment-friendly practices in all our offices and facilities, particularly in our warehouses and our fleet of trucks
  • Offer environment-friendly product alternatives to enable customers to meet their own sustainability obligations

To accomplish these objectives, we pilot new projects, programs, and technologies to further reduce or even eliminate releases of pollutants to air, water, or soil; and to save the use of resources which contribute to the implementation of the environmental strategy.

Green Office

Cargo Services Far East has launched several initiatives at our offices in Hong Kong (China) and China:

  • Using recycle and FSC certified paper
  • Promoting double page printing
  • Installing energy-efficient light sources
  • Introduction of energy-saving machines in automated systems

Green Traveler

Since 2011, Cargo Services Far East has adopted a green travel program for our Hong Kong (China) and China offices. High-speed railway is the preferred way of travelling for our executives in China. The use of video conferences is encouraged to replace travelling for face- to-face meetings.

Green Facilities

All new facilities to be built by Cargo Services will incorporate the latest technology of solar energy and the collection of rain water for drainage purpose.

Everything being equal, we will give priority in renting warehouses with the same environmentally-friendly technology being installed.

Green Merchant

Our core procurement strategy of “centralised purchase of service, decentralised purchase of product” has effectively reduced the energy used for transferring products to different offices within the country.

Cargo Services Far East is committed to, develop a new tool that calculates CO2 emissions from our daily operations. In order to closely monitor the carbon footprint, the tool will be linked to our own operational data. The output is a concise report that shows our total CO2 emissions by the office or by each business unit.

Furthermore, we will develop targets for the reduction of carbon and keep identifying opportunities where they can reduce carbon emissions.

Cargo Services is ISO14001:2015 certified. We have been granted a “Class of Excellence on Wastewi$e Award” in Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence since 2002 which is organised by Environmental Campaign Committee.

D&B ESG Registered TM

Cargo Services Far East Limited is Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) ESG Registered since 2024, in recognition of our unwavering commitment to sustainability and accountability.



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