Fashion Logistics

  • Purpose-built distribution centres in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong (China) for the inventory management and daily distribution of goods to retail outlets for international brands
  • Automated cargo receiving, both Goods-on-Hanger and flat-packs, sorting, storage and distribution systems to ensure consistency of efficient services
  • Temperature-controlled and dust-free environment
  • Tight security-check of workers and 24-hour CCTV surveillance
  • Proprietary Warehouse Management System ( WMS ) interfacing with the inventory system of Principals and Point-of-Sale System (POS) of stores
  • Importation of goods into China
  • Inventory management and other value-added services, including garment re-processing, re-packaging, etc.
  • Daily distribution of goods to stores locally in Hong Kong (China), Shanghai and Beijing
  • Airfreight of goods from Distribution Centres in Shanghai and Hong Kong (China) to other cities in China for distribution to stores
  • CIQ-approved Warehouse in Shanghai, allowing CIQ compliance work to take place during approval process of imports
  • Organisation of regional Distribution Centres in China
  • eFulfillments
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