Fine Wine Importation into Hong Kong and China


Since the disappearance of import duty in Hong Kong (China) in Feb 2008, Hong Kong (China) is fast-becoming the centre of wine trading in the Far East. Hardly a week will go by in Hong Kong (China) without an auction of fine wines by the best wine auctioneers in Europe, the United States of America and Australia. 

At the same time, with the rapidly growing affluence of the middle and upper income brackets in China, wines, and especially fine wines from France and other wine-producing countries, have gained in popularity with the momentum continuing in the years ahead. 

Cargo Services Far East has started up a regular fine wine airfreight consolidation service between Heathrow and Hong Kong (China)( every other day ) and Heathrow and Shanghai Pudong ( weekly ). We have set up import Customs procedures with our Customs broker in Shanghai to enable the most streamlined importation of fine wines into the country.


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