Freight Consultancy



Because of the sizeable volume of container traffic we manage in our own NVOCC business and the Supply Chain Solutions business of our Principals, we have full intimate knowledgeof the Ocean Freight market on a day-to-day basis. 

Such a profound knowledge of the Ocean Freight market of Cargo Services Far East has engendered a request for Freight Consultancy by some of our big-scale customers which contract directly with carriers at the time when they start their process of Tendering and Negotiation for Ocean Freight Contracts every year. 

In the Freight Consultancy service, we provide monthly updates of the Ocean Freight market in the trades to our Principals and manage the annual Ocean Freight Tender and Contract for our Principals, including the strategy design for the negotiations with the various carriers. We would take part in the negotiation meetings between the Principals and the carriers and the final selection of the carriers by our Principals.

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