Fashion Distribution in Hong Kong and China

  • Purpose-built Distribution Centres in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong (China) for the inventory management and daily distribution of goods to retail outlets
  • Automated cargo receiving, both GOH and flat-packs, sorting, storage and distribution systems to ensure consistency of efficient services
  • Temperature-controlled and dust-free environment
  • Tight security-check of workers and 24-hour CCTV surveillance
  • Warehouse Management System ( WMS ) interfacing with the inventory system of Principals and Point of Sale ( POS ) system of stores
  • Importation of goods into China
  • Inventory management
  • Daily distribution of goods to stores locally in Hong Kong (China), Shanghai and Beijing and airfreight of goods from DCs in Shanghai and Hong Kong (China) to other cities in China for distribution to stores
  • Other value-added services provided in Distribution Centres, particularly all the swing-tags and ticketing required by the Chinese Label Laws


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