Export Consolidation

Cargo Services Far East Limited operates a container freight station (CFS) of 450,000 sq.ft., with 27 loading bays, at ATL Logistics Centre, the premium address for cargo consolidation in Hong Kong (China). Cargo Services (China) Limited also offers a range of export cargo consolidation programs in the major ports of China.

Backed by its strong IT systems in supply chain management, Cargo Services Far East Limited operates state-of-the-art tailor-made cargo consolidation programs for overseas customers. Upon receipt of order summary from overseas customers, Cargo Services Far East Limited sets about liaising with vendors in respect of the delivery dates of each and every order. Any deviation from the contract shipment date will be advised to the customer and await its decisions. Upon receipt of cargo, different consolidation programs can be executed by Cargo Services Far East Limited which are tailor-made to suit the distribution function of the overseas customer at destinations at different times of the year. Some of these programs are:-

1.         Simple Cargo Consolidation

Consolidation of all export cargo for one distribution centre at destination.

2.         Distribution-centre Based Cargo Consolidation

Consolidation of export cargo for individual distribution centres at destinations. The export cargo may be split by destinations or types of merchandise.

3.         Store-pack Distribution

After receipt at the CFS, export cargo is pick-and-packed in accordance with store requirements, palletised and stretch-wrapped before vanning of containers. These containers, upon arrival at destination, go straight to the stores for devanning.

 4.         Barcode Labelling and Scanning

More and more consignees in North America and Europe have instituted systems of barcoding the distribution pack and the outer cartons of their cargo. Barcode labels can be affixed at the time of cargo receipt and thereupon scanned with the data sent via EDI to customers at destinations as Advanced Shipment Notification. The data are automatically entered into the inventory and distribution systems of the consignees.

5.         Palletisation

Consolidated cargo may be palletised on wooden pallets or slip-sheets, with or without stretch-wrapping, before vanning into containers. Cargo may be stripped of their outer-packing and palletised on inner distribution cartons only.

6.         Pick-and-Pack Palletisation

Export cargo will be unpacked at our CFS and individual items picked for re-packing into distribution cartons before palletisation and stretch-wrapping.

Apart from the Simple Cargo Consolidation programs, all the other programs can be so designed to allow devanning at destination distribution centres with arrangements for cross-dock delivery or direct distribution to retail stores. Such arrangements save significantly costs of distribution at destinations for customers.

Consolidation of export cargo on the basis of inner distribution pack will eliminate a significant volume of outer-cartons to be disposed of at destinations. Governments of a growing number of countries are putting pressure to reduce the volume of waste in business.

In Shanghai, the main port and trading centre of China, Cargo Services (China) Limited had invested in a modern CFS, Shanghai Tian Hong Containers Limited, which is capable of implementing all the programs as good as they are in Hong Kong (China).

In the other ports, Cargo Services (China) Limited has dedicated CFSs serving the requirements of its overseas customers. Supervisors from Cargo Services (China) Limited are stationed at the CFSs to ensure that the service standard is maintained to the satisfaction of all its customers abroad.

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