Container Haulage and Distribution


We operate a fleet of 130 container tractors, with 70 units involved in the cross-border services between Hong Kong (China) and southern China. 

In Shanghai, we have a fleet of 80 container tractors and another 20 units in Shenzhen. 

We have sufficient contractors supporting us in Hong Kong (China), Shanghai and Shenzhen for daily jobs in the peak shipping months. 

We act as Merchant Hauliers for shippers and overseas consignees and Carrier Hauliers for the ocean carriers. 

There is a growing demand for Merchant’s Haulage by big-scale international customers which have regular daily production from a supplier. FCA terms become an alternative to FOB, enabling the overseas customers to have a better control of their cargoes from the time they come out of the production lines of the factories all the way to their own DCs at home. 

All our container tractors on long-hauls are equipped with satellite tracking, allowing the control centres to have up-to-the-minute information of the execution of their jobs. 

For daily domestic distribution from our Distribution Centres to retail outlets in Hong Kong (China), Shanghai and Beijing, we run fleets of delivery trucks and vans equipped with the appropriate handling racks and devices for deliveries to prime shopping arcades of the cities. The delivery staff are disciplined to wear the Company uniform at work.




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