China’s Progress Benefits the World

The development of China will provide more opportunities and stronger impetus for the world economy, Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli told a forum in Beijing yesterday.

Speaking at the China Development Forum, Zhang said the country aims to fulfil the building of a moderately prosperous society by 2020. After realizing this target, China will witness a significant boost in its overall strength, a much larger market scale and improvement of people’s livelihood.

“China will then provide more opportunities, greater impetus and make new contributions to global economic growth,” he said.

With the theme of “deepening China’s reform and opening up for building a better-off society,” the forum, which ends today, serves as a significant platform for business and academic leaders to interact with China’s top decision makers and economic planners.

In 2012, China attracted US$111.72 billion in foreign direct investment. The value of total trade hit US$3.87 trillion, up 6.2% from a year earlier.

Zhang said China will continue its efforts to build a market environment featuring equitable competition to enhance the vitality of growth. It will welcome and encourage multinational companies to invest in China and protect the legitimate interests of investors.

“China will provide an opportunity for foreign enterprises to compete in an equitable environment and share the benefits stemming from China’s growth,” Zhang said.

“China’s practices have demonstrated that reform and opening up is the fundamental impetus for the country’s social and economic development,” he said.

In an era of closer ties and more intertwined relations between China and the rest of the world, the country insists on opening up to the outside world with greater scope and more fields, and at higher levels than before, he said.

~ Shanghai Daily, March 25, 2013 ~

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