Our Facilities


Cargo Services Far East operate our own warehouse and storage facilities in Hong Kong (China), Shanghai, Shenzhen and Singapore.     

We manage altogether over 1.7 million sq.ft. ( 170,000 sq.metres ) of warehouse portfolio.   

We plan to add another 900,000 sq.ft. ( 90,000 sq.metres ) of warehouse space in Shanghai and Ningbo this year.    

Summary of Cargo Services Logistics Facilities

Port Area (sq. ft.) QC? Pick-and-Pack?
Hong Kong (China) 600,000* Yes Yes
Shanghai 900,000* Yes Yes
Shenzhen 74,000* Yes Yes
Tianjin 100,000 Yes Yes
Qingdao 50,000 Yes Yes
Ningbo 50,000 Yes Yes
Guangzhou 30,000 Yes Yes
Chongging 15,000 No No
Xiamen 15,000 Yes Yes
Nanjing 10,000 No Yes
Singapore 30,000 No Yes

* Including ScanPack and Domestic Distribution Services     

Airfreight Facilities in China    

Shanghai Export Warehouse #3 ZhongQing Storage, 168 Xuhua road(Huazhou Road) Shanghai PuDong airport
  Import Warehouse (bonded) #201 Warehouse, Bonded Logistics Centre Area 2, 180 Airport Road, Shanghai
Beijing For Fashion Customer 23, Fuqianer Street, Tianzhu Town, Shunyi District, Beijing 101312
  For Fashion Customer 25, Fuqianer Street, Tianzhu Twon, Shunyi District, Beijing 101312

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